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Writer: Nicole Jones
Artists: Nick Bradshaw, Buddy Setiawan, Jeff Rebner, Derek Fridolfs, Anthony Aguinaldo

The swamps of Louisiana are full of vicious creatures. Four college students are about to discover that the most dangerous ones are already dead.

Nominated for 2007 Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award

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Writer: Nicole Jones
Story by: Nicole Jones & S. Ian Jones
Artists: Keith Thompson, Ronilson Freire, Mostafa Moussa, Chris Dreier, Marcelo Maiolo

Some criminals are so evil, when they die, even Hell doesn't want them.

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Writer: Nicole Jones
Artists: Michael Duggan, Chris Dreier, Derek Fridolfs, Glenn Dion, Jeff Rebner

After failing his last mission, a bounty hunter is given one last chance at redemption - to track down a dangerous creature and stop it before it can destroy the universe. But when he crashes in the desert outside Roswell and is picked up by the US military, the Nihlaat could very well be the least of his problems.

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Writer: Glenn Dion
Artists:Glenn Dion, Chris Dreier

After fifteen years in Japan, Jacob returns to the American Wild West intent on finding his father's killer... and his place in the world.

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