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President | Co-Founder

Nicole Jones-Dion co-founded PraxiScope Productions in 2012. An LA-based writer/director who specializes in genre films, Nicole grew up as an Army brat traveling the globe, living in places as diverse as Hawaii and Germany before her family finally settled down in Wilmington, NC.

In school, Nicole excelled at creative writing and won the North Carolina Writer's Award for a full scholarship to Duke University, where she continued to study writing, along with History and Theology. After graduation, she did her own brief stint in the military before relocating to Los Angeles.

Her passion for genre storytelling first led her to video games, then comic books, and eventually films. 




Vice-President | Co-Founder

Glenn Dion co-founded PraxiScope Productions in 2012. Glenn is an animation industry veteran with over 20 years experience working on primetime adult animated television series such as King of the Hill, Family Guy, and The Cleveland Show. He currently works on the hit Netflix show Big Mouth and the upcoming spinoff, Human Resources.


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